“Never confuse being opinionated with having something to say.”

Marty Rubin

The College Interview Series: University Of Michigan

Quick Note: Hi! I’m starting this new series where I interview students at various universities across the US (and maybe abroad) in order to allow people to get a feel for the schools and just to get a wide variety of opinions on here. Hope you enjoy 🙂 Located: Ann Arbor, Michigan. Acceptance Rate: 27%.…

The College Interview Series: The George Washington University

Located: Washington D.C. Acceptance Rate: 41%. Graduation Rate: 83%. Student Interviewed: Vishali Muthuvinayagam Interviewer: What’s name and where are you from? Vishali: My name is Vishali Muthuvinayagam and physically, I am from Port Huron, Michigan. Spiritually, however, I am from no place. I see nothing looking back at me when I look in the mirror.…

Anika’s All-Timers

I used to have this playlist titled the All-Timers that contained all my favorite songs and albums so that I could always have them on hand. I thought about writing a post that contained all my favorite books, movies, and TV shows based on my experience with them. I know I don’t usually do much…

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