“i am Loki of Asgard. And I am burdened with Glorious Purpose.”

Tom Hiddleston, Loki

Airs: Disney+ | Air Date: 2021 – Present | Number of Seasons: 1

WARNING: This review will contain MCU spoilers. If you have not seen through at least AVENGERS: ENDGAME, do not read this review. You have been warned.

After escaping with the Tesseract in Avengers: Endgame, Loki is kidnapped by the Time Variance Authority. While within the TVA, Loki is approached by Mobius, a worker of the TVA who seems to need Loki’s help catching a variant who is disrupting timelines. While Loki wrestles with his conscience and past mistakes, he attempts to help Mobius find the variant. After determining that the variant needs the special touch of Loki, he escapes with the variant and attempts to foil her plans while ultimately learning more about himself and the possible lives he could have had.  

If the summary above feels lacking, it’s because the more you write about this show, the more you spoil. That being said, the plot was not my favorite part of this show. Introducing new lore within the MCU is always challenging due to the fact that the MCU’s lore is always rooted in comics. Here, Marvel is attempting to expand the current universe into something that has never really been seen before on television or on the big screen. This means that the plot moves slower than the usual quick and witty pace of the MCU and even the other Marvel television shows. The plot can feel a bit underwhelming at times, but the endings always manage to pack enough of a punch that the viewer can overlook the meandering pace of the episodes in general. 

To start off with, I must commend the acting. Tom Hiddlestone gives this performance his all. After ten years of watching the care Hiddleston takes with his portrayal of Loki, I wasn’t surprised to see that he brought the same level of dedication to Loki. However, I was surprised to find that he went above and beyond the call of duty. Hiddleston effectively takes the time to explore the inner workings of Loki with such care that if you weren’t already in love with Loki, you will be now. Owen Wilson, famous for his unique voice, was nearly unrecognizable as Mobius. When watching Owen Wilson act, I saw nothing more than Mobius. This is the sign of a truly great actor in a role that he has clearly taken the time to understand. Last, Sophia DiMartino blew the audience away with her nuanced and eye-opening portrayal of a character we have only seen one side of. She walked on the set of Loki and stole hearts. I commend her greatly for her chemistry with the other characters as well as her dedication to her own role. An honorable mention goes to Jonathan Majors for stealing the show in the few scenes he was in. 

While the acting was incredible, the real beauty of the show was how carefully the show was crafted and directed. Each moment felt as though it was leading up to a larger conclusion that was promised to blow the audience away. While each episode seemed to be getting better and better, it was ultimately the last episode that proved to be the greatest. While the stakes were high until the characters ultimately met the “big bad”, the final episode proved to be carefully written with an ending that left more questions than answers. Normally, as this was a limited series, I would have been majorly disappointed as to how the show ended. However, the announcement of a second season changed my perspective on the show as a whole. The show was always leading up to the ending, each moment was carefully set up with just enough foreshadowing to make the audience question whether or not they were right or completely being fooled by the Marvel universe. As it was, many of the clues become more obvious on a second watching, yet they were so subtle that only the trained viewer would notice them. I also must commend the way that references from the comics were interwoven so delicately that they were almost easily overlooked. 

Overall, this show is probably the best television show that Marvel has put out. It’s well-written and the expansion of the Marvel universe has been carefully thought out. Quick spoiler here, but the introduction of the multiverse was beautifully done and gave hope to many fans who hoped Black Widow wasn’t dead or that there was more to the Marvel universe than meets the eye. The hope for the introduction of the X-Men as well as other amazing comic storylines such as Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe will keep viewers watching the MCU for many years to come. 

RATING: 9/10

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